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TOURISTS looking for their next thrill can go on tours of some of the most dangerous locations in the world.

From active volcanoes to war zones, we’ve rounded up the places you can go where the threat of injury or even death is high.

 Where are the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world?


Where are the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world?

While some travellers want a relaxing holiday, others want to challenge themselves in dangerous situations.

Difficult climbs, including Yosemite and Mount Everest, attract hundreds of people while the Bolivian ‘Death Road’ has the fear factor for cyclists.

Even natural disasters such as volcanoes and tornadoes have been capitalised on by tour guides offering a thrilling trip.

Here are some of the most dangerous tourist destinations you can visit.

Running of the bulls, Pamplona, Spain

 The running of the bulls is a decades old event


The running of the bulls is a decades old eventCredit: AFP or licensors

The running of the bulls has come under fire in recent years from animal activists, slamming the treatment of the animals.

Despite this, thousands of people descend onto the streets of Pamplona every year in July to run from the creatures.

Since 1910, when the records for the event began, there have been 15 deaths, mainly from goring, and thousands of injuries.

However it hasn’t stopped people from either watching the event or taking part in the runs themselves.

Death Road, Bolivia

 Bolivia's "Death Road" has dangerous hairpin bends and sheer cliff edges


Bolivia’s “Death Road” has dangerous hairpin bends and sheer cliff edgesCredit: Reuters

A 60km cycle route between La Paz and Yungas in Bolivia attracts 25,000 tourists every year for the thrill-seeking path.

Yet the road has become known as Death Road due to the high death rate because of the dangerous conditions.

Steep cliff edges, hairpin bends as well as oncoming traffic mean there was once on average 300 deaths every year – in 1983, a bus veered from the cliff and into the canyon, killing more than 100 passengers.

Thankfully, it has been modernised in recent years so deaths have decreased dramatically.

Tornado chasing, Oklahoma, US

 Tourists can chase tornadoes in Oklahoma with tour guides


Tourists can chase tornadoes in Oklahoma with tour guidesCredit: EPA

A popular tour in Oklahoma is tornado chasing – where tourists are taken into a van to find and chase tornadoes.

While the tours are conducted by experts using advanced tracking technology, the risk of injury or death remains high from the natural disasters.

Last year Oklahoma received the highest number of tornadoes on record, and in May, two people died while 29 were injured.

Scientists have also slammed tourists taking part, blaming the Oklahoma based 1996 film Twister for the popularity of tours which causes the roads to be full of traffic.

Half Dome Yosemite, California, US

 The Half Dome is hard for even experienced climbers


The Half Dome is hard for even experienced climbersCredit: Getty – Contributor

Yosemite is popular with hikers, especially the natural Half Dome rock formation.

Stretching 5,000ft, the last 400ft is the hardest as it is an almost vertical drop.

Despite cables being installed for trekkers to hold onto, there have been 12 deaths since 1948 as well as hundreds of injuries.

You also have to get a guest pass to be able to climb it.

Mount Everest Summit, Nepal

 Tourists have blamed overcrowding for the Mount Everest deaths


Tourists have blamed overcrowding for the Mount Everest deathsCredit: AFP or licensors

Also popular with climbers, Mount Everest has seen 300 people die trying to get to the summit.

The last year where there were no deaths was 1977, with only two people making it that year.

Many have blamed overcrowding, as the single route to the summit causes problems for even experienced climbers and has been known as the “death zone”.

Groups are attempting to climb the mountain in the winter, where weather conditions are much more treacherous.

Volcano tours, Hawaii

 Volcano tours are common in Hawaii


Volcano tours are common in Hawaii

Hawaii has three active volcanoes, making tours of them popular with tourists.

By helicopter or by boat, they offer amazing views of often erupting volcanoes but comes with their own risks.

While deaths remain low, the risk of injury from the hot ash or lava remain high, with a boat tour in 2018 being hit by a “lava bomb” which injured 23 people.

A man was severely injured last year after falling 70ft into Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Chernobyl, Ukraine

 Chernobyl still has some of the most radiation in the world


Chernobyl still has some of the most radiation in the worldCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Chernobyl remains one of the most dangerous places in the world due to the high radiation levels posing threats to human life following the 1986 nuclear disaster.

Despite this, tours of the area are conducted as some parts of the site are low enough for visit.

Tours must have a guide, and it is considered safe for visitors with radiation levels lower than a long-haul flight.

The disaster killed 31 people at the time, according to officials, although many attribute thousands of deaths to the explosion from the after effects of the radiation.


 There is a travel warning on the majority of Iraq - but you can go on tours


There is a travel warning on the majority of Iraq – but you can go on toursCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Despite government warnings for tourists to avoid all travel to Iraq, due to the civil war against ISIS, some tour operators offer visits to the country.

Visits can only be done by tour guides and are often expensive, with heavy security and few flights or places to stay.

The death toll of people due to violence in Iraq remains murky, but an unofficial website claims it has been as many as 207,000 civilians since 2013, along with another 81,000 armed forces.

Travellers should also be warned of the problems it could cause later, such as being prevented from an ESTA if visiting the US.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

 Victoria Falls is risky for tourists who enter the Devil's Pool


Victoria Falls is risky for tourists who enter the Devil’s PoolCredit: Alamy

Victoria Falls, one of the Natural Wonders of the World, is also one of the largest waterfalls.

Tourists flock to the Devil’s Pool who are encouraged to lean over the edge for pictures of the “ultimate infinity pool”.

While there have been no deaths in the pool, the falls are only safe enough to visit between August and January when water levels dry up to create the rock pool.

Visit it during the rest of the year and you could instead swept to your demise.

Professional mountaineer Rohtash Khileri posts video showing length of queues and level of overcrowding on Mount Everest

Tourists are now engaging in “dark tourism” – where travellers risk torture or prison.

An island in Italy dubbed “orgy island” is attracting tourists for its tales of grisly murder and sex parties.

We’ve rounded up the most dangerous travel destinations in the world for 2020.

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