Spider webs all over everything today.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff Gives the Creepy Crawly Details on the Science Behind the Abundance of Spider Strands Today.

Courtesy: Michael Hutchinson

Did you see an unusual amount of spider web strands today clinging to all sorts of objects?

I saw a ton of them today and they covered almost everything in Centerton. You can see them all over the front of my bike in the picture below.

Did you know the weather conditions today were perfect for spiders🕷 to take flight?!? 😳

It’s true… spiders fly across the sky using a method called “ballooning” or “kiting.” Tiny baby spiders (spiderlings) first raise a leg to test the wind (they like a light breeze around 7 mph). Then they use their spinnerets & spin silk threads up to 6 feet long, which allows them launch off of objects. By ballooning, they can travel hundreds of miles in distance and can reach heights of a mile or two above the ground.

Spiderlings balloon for safety to get away from cannibalism and to fly to a “new world” so they can reproduce far away from their parents. If you look up and see a glistening in the sky… those could be spiderlings flying high.

These spiders are no dummies, since they know Wednesday will be too windy to travel, so today was a perfect day to take flight.

If you really want to be blown away… click this link below to see ballooning in action. If you are freaked out by spiders, it might make your skin crawl.


My skin has been itching all day after writing this blog post. -Chief Meteorologist Dan Skoff

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