Major disruption for King’s Cross station during Jan and Feb – ianVisits – London news and events

As part of the East Coast Mainline upgrade, King’s Cross station will close completely for two weekends in the early part of 2020, and be disrupted at weekends through most of Jan and Feb.

The two big closures take place over the weekends of 25th/26th January and 29th Feb/1st March.

No trains will be able to call at London King’s Cross, with passengers being advised not to travel to and from London on the East Coast Main Line to either King’s Cross, St Pancras or Moorgate, including the Hertford North line.

During this time, Network Rail says that it will work to construct an additional platform and install new track at Stevenage station. Work will also take place to upgrade the power supply and overhead line equipment in and around King’s Cross station and engineers will continue to relocate the signalling system to a centre in York. This work can only be carried out safely when no trains are running on this section of the railway.

There will also be five weekends of a reduced service on the East Coast Main Line, with passengers along the route asked to check before travelling and to allow additional time for their journey – or just simply try not to travel.

These weekends are:

  • 4th/5th January
  • 11th/12th January
  • 18th/19th January
  • 8th/9th February
  • 15th/16th February

Network Rail engineers will also be carrying out maintenance work which will affect passengers using services on the Welwyn Garden City and Hertford North lines to and from Moorgate. This will take place on on Saturday, 1 and Sunday, 2 February and Saturday, 22 and Sunday, 23 February, with those who use this route urged to check before they travel.

The upgrade will eventually provide an extra 10,000 seats a day for travellers.

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Travel Deal: Paris & Barcelona Escape w Flights From $499


Travelzoo reports that the following deal, for just $499 per person, includes all international airfare, daily breakfast and stays at well-reviewed hotels in both Paris and Barcelona.

This what they say:

We rarely see packages that bundle these two European cities together, and this one saves over $200 versus booking on competing sites.

This package stands out for a few reasons:

  • Both hotels are in the city centers, close to the action and easily walkable to major attractions
  • Extra nights in either city are easy to add, and start at +$50
  • With all your free time, experience why Paris continues to remain a bucket-list destination — take in its lively sidewalk cafes, famous art museums and scenic gardens.
  • In Barcelona, see famous Gaudi sites and spend an afternoon at the UNESCO World Heritage Sagrada Familia

Includes: Roundtrip flights from the U.S. to Paris, return from Barcelona; hotel accommodations (2 nights in Paris and 2 nights in Barcelona); flight between cities; daily breakfast.

Depart: Newark and NYC (JFK) select dates January-March (dates vary by city). October departures are $100 more. April-May, July and September departures are $200 more; June and August departures are $300 more.

Additional departures: Boston departures are $100 more; Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and San Francisco departures are $200 more; and Chicago, Miami and Orlando departures are $300 more.

Customize your trip: When calling to book, add additional nights or extend your trip by 2 nights in another European city with flights from $249 more.

Note: Restrictions may apply. Prices are per person, based on two people sharing a room. Local city tax is not included; you’ll pay at the hotel.

Book by Dec. 16. Click HERE for more info.

How to Protect Your Company Information When You Travel to China

Dan is a founder of Harris Bricken, an international law firm with lawyers in Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, China and Spain.

He primarily represents companies doing business in emerging market countries, having spent years building and maintaining a global, professional network.  His work has been as varied as securing the release of two improperly held helicopters in Papua New Guinea, setting up a legal framework to move slag from Canada to Poland’s interior, overseeing hundreds of litigation and arbitration matters in Korea, helping someone avoid terrorism charges in Japan, and seizing fish product in China to collect on a debt.

He was named as one of only three Washington State Amazing Lawyers in International Law, is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory (its highest rating), is rated 10.0 by (also its highest rating), and is a recognized SuperLawyer.

Dan is a frequent writer and public speaker on doing business in Asia and constantly travels between the United States and Asia. He most commonly speaks on China law issues and is the lead writer of the award winning China Law Blog. Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Business Week, The National Law Journal, The Washington Post, The ABA Journal, The Economist, Newsweek, NPR, The New York Times and Inside Counsel have all interviewed Dan regarding various aspects of his international law practice.

Dan is licensed in Washington, Illinois, and Alaska.

In tandem with the international law team at his firm, Dan focuses on setting up/registering companies overseas (via WFOEs, Rep Offices or Joint Ventures), drafting international contracts (NDAs, OEM Agreements, licensing, distribution, etc.), protecting IP (trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and patents), and overseeing M&A transactions.

JetSet | ‘To travel is to live’: For the lucky ones, it actually becomes their livelihood |

Marielena Smith of San Francisco, California, was in medical device marketing for 12 years, working 70 hours a week.

Well-traveled, it was her dream to visit to her seventh continent in seven years–a trip to Antarctica–that inspired her to make the biggest change of her life in 2016.

“I was so inspired by the photographers and conservationists on-board, and people had said, ‘Oh, where can I see your work?’ And I said ‘Oh no, I work 70 hours a week, you will only see what’s on here.’ So after that trip, I got to thinking more about it, and I thought this isn’t even my target market and so many people said: ‘I’m really inspired. You’ve been to 65 countries, I’d like to learn more from you, you’ve inspired me to visit other places.’

“So two weeks later, I came back and resigned from my medical device marketing career to chase a dream with regards to travel photography and writing.”

But it wasn’t easy. For the first time in her life, Smith had no plan.

“It was funny, my CEO at the time had said, ‘Well, you’ve always had a five- or 10-year plan, what’s your five-year plan? And I said, for the first time in my life…I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants and see where this takes me, and it has been an absolutely amazing journey with the people that I’ve met, what I’ve learned, the way that I’ve grown. Every day is different, and you’re wearing 20 different hats as an entrepreneur and a travel blogger, but it’s the greatest career that I’ve had.”

But she used her public relations, writing, and marketing skill sets, and other people’s love of her photography inspired confidence in her.

Her adventure blog, Epic 7 Travel, was born the next year.

“Because the seventh continent played such a big role, and then the ‘Epic’ stands for empowering, propel, ignite, and connect with adventure-seekers all over the world.”

By then, she’d already visited 65 countries.

“So I’d had the opportunity to travel to London and Puerto Rico, but it was really studying abroad in Australia, when I was in college, and I met people on a gap year, which I’d never heard of, and that’s what really incited the travel bug.”

After graduation, she set off to see the world.

“And sampled Asia, Africa, and Europe, then it was ‘Where do I return?’ And then I had taken up scuba diving, so that continues to expand the pie.”

Her adventurous spirit has taken her to some other-worldly destinations.

“Papua New Guinea is one that, while we were there, my husband was questioning: ‘What are we doing?” Because there were carjackings at machete point that had taken place a week before we got there. But to me, I was like ‘What are the odds of that?’ I traveled many places that may be having security issues, and we didn’t have any issues while we were there. It was absolutely amazing, but it is like stepping back in time, the society was first discovered, if you will, in 1935, and the last documented case of cannibalism was in 1965…some of the articles that we had read or people had shared that during World War II, with cannibalism, they had developed a taste for Japanese meat, and my husband is Japanese, so that gave him a little bit of trepidation.”

“But people were absolutely wonderful, the festivals…the reason they started those festivals was to quell the warfare between the tribes, and so it’s wonderful in terms of how they bright people together and made that more to share that culture with the outside world with one another and kind of share and appreciate versus having that cause tribal issues.”

And she’s seen things under the water, you can’t even imagine.

“Two things–pygmy seahorses are my all-time favorite critters–they’re the size of a grain of rice; they’re teeny tiny so you need guides to point them out…and we were just in Raja Ampat in Indonesia in April, which is very off-the-grid. It took us about 50 hours to get back from there–it’s about four stops. But we had a sea fan that had 15 pygmy seahorses on it, so to see them jumping between the fan and moving around the fan it’s very special because some of these fans can be 100 years old, so they’re these beautiful, prolific fans under water. Then, whale sharks has been our other most special experience, so we just got to in Raja for the first time scuba drive with whale sharks–we snorkeled with them in four different places in the world, but this was our first time on scuba, which was really, really amazing, so we got kind of the silhouette shots that we wanted of them coming right at us, mouths open to see the gullet.

Divers pioneered the area, and when she went to Papua New Guinea for the first time in 2010, just 1,200 people a year were visiting, making the waters absolutely in great condition.

“It’s such pristine untouched rain forest, that there’s not the ability….at that point there were some oil companies coming in, so there were some roads being built, and some of the rain forest was being razed for that, but to be able to see that from above and see a truly untouched landscape is really special to see. But it does limit, in terms of travel, you’ve got to kind of fly place to place, it is very difficult to drive place to place, and of course, it’s an island nation so many of those places you’re going require a flight or boat.”

She’s had some close calls on her solo travels, too.

“My mom used to say you have nine lives, and I think I’ve used eight of them because I’ve had a number of close calls around the world. I’ve been extremely sick in a few countries…close to hospitalization. I now, as a result of that, I always travel with a SteriPEN…I haven’t used a plastic bottle anywhere in the world; I use my SteriPEN to sterilize water but it’s because one of the sickest incidents that I had was from supposed bottled water, so they had refilled a bottle, and I had severe food poisoning.

“I was in a near bus accident in Vietnam, and I messed up my knee in another one where we almost kind of flew off the side of a cliff so kind of teetering and looked at it, but I’ve always viewed it as part of the adventure.

“People have helped me out, complete strangers. I picked up a parasite in northern China–didn’t know that that’s what I had–and another traveler diagnosed me on a bus and gave me the medicine that I needed, so the kindness of strangers will amaze you, and I think that’s one of the continuing themes I’ve seen throughout the world that gives me a lot of hope in humanity.”

It’s all of these experiences combined that have fueled Smith’s strong desire to inspire others to travel.

“I’m very accident-prone, and I have no sense of direction, and so people are like ‘You can travel all over the world by yourself?’ And now I travel with my husband, but many of these countries were visited on my own, so it instilled confidence in others that they could do the same with those same challenges.”

“To me, it’s really, really rewarding, and one of things that I didn’t expect is the number of people who now reach out and say ‘I’ve decided to get certified in scuba diving because you’ve removed some of that fear and anxiety that I have surrounding it,’ and the photography, they said, is what put them over the edge of, ‘Wow I didn’t know a world like this existed under the water.'”

In 2020, Epic 7 Travel plans to offers intimate group tours to off-the-grid destinations in hopes of expanding opportunities for people who might be intimidated to go to certain destinations. Smith is scouting sites for the trip now.

“I will be doing groups of six. Bhutan is the first country I’ll be running in 2020…and I’m getting special access for festivals, monasteries, schools, with llamas, incredible view points, and so I’ve spent a lot of time really customizing that itinerary to make it special for those who join.”

That trip will cost about $7,000, but you’ve still got to get yourself to Bangkok. Fees for tourists, not including the cost of a visa, can be up to $290 a day in high season and $240 a day in low season, if you’re traveling alone, according to unusual traveler.

“Bhutan is an expensive destination. One of the things I find most exciting, it is the only carbon-negative country in the world, and they have a very strong sustainability focus, so my trip that I’m offering will be two-weeks, there will be a trekking add-on option, and for the trekking they weigh everything that’s going in, and then they have to weigh it coming back out, to ensure that every piece of trash that’s generated comes back off the trail so that there’s nothing left behind because the pollution in beautiful places like Iceland–people are just leaving places–Bhutan has done a great job. For every person that visits each day $65 goes towards education so every child is guaranteed education through high school as well as health care.”

Her tours will be cultural in nature, but she also runs photo and visual storytelling workshops

On tap for her 2020 travels aside from leading a trip to Bhutan, Eastern Greenland, photographing tigers in India, and Kwakas in western Australia.

“So they look like tiny little kangaroos, and they are always smiling, and everybody does selfies with them, but I learned about them on Instagram, and they are the cutest critters, so western Australia is high on the wish list as well.”

But for her, Antarctica will always hold a special place in her heart.

“I describe it, and particularly for me given what it led to, as awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, and life-changing, and it’s a pristine beauty like nothing you’ve ever seen, and I never thought that the grays and blues that you could see–I never realized that there’s that many different gradients that can exist within those spectrums, and it’s so silent, and so pristine, and being able to see the animals in such close proximity.

And the greatest wildlife spectacle I’ve ever seen is in a sub-Antarctic island called South Georgia, and you land on this beach…but 250,000 king penguins on one beach, and so the cacophony associated with that, the color, the sound, the smell is a little overwhelming, but it took a while, my brain was on overload trying to process what I’ve was looking at it. I posted these pictures on my blog and on Instagram, and people asked me, “Did you Photoshop and did you copy these penguins across?” I’m like no that’s what the scene looks like, and it holds a very special place in my heart because it’s what led me to pivot and say ‘I am so passionate about this, how can I share this with others?’ And make others realize it’s an achievable goal. We had saved for it for a number of years, but there’s ways you can do it on a discount if you’re down on your schway and it’s last-minute, and we’ve been fortunate to go back twice; we had said we’ll go back again in 10 years.”

Ice-rain-snow to snarl travel across NJ Sunday-Monday-Tuesday

Welcome to December. And climatological winter. And New Jersey’s first winter storm of the season.

No matter what falls from the sky — sleet, rain, and/or snow — Sunday is going to be pretty messy.

And then Monday looks even worse for part of the state, with residual snow/ice impacts potentially lasting into Tuesday morning.

This weather blog entry is a quick update to the forecasts I’ve issued previously. For the most part, I’ve only made some nudges, tweaks, and number massages. For a full region-by-region breakdown of the timeline and impacts of this complicated storm, I recommend you skim through Saturday afternoon’s article first.

And just a reminder that our news, digital, traffic, and weather teams are fully mobilized until the messy weather is done.

Forecast Update

Snow and ice forecast for Sunday and Monday, as of early Sunday morning.

—Please keep in mind these two maps are cumulative. I decided to split the potential snow and ice accumulations into Sunday and Monday to make the forecast clearer, and give you a better idea of impacts and timing.

—I tweaked Sunday’s top contour slightly to cover more of Hunterdon County and less of Bergen County, based on current model and temperature trends. In this area, we’re still concerned about wintry mix (sleet and freezing rain) early Sunday, transitioning to a period of snow later on.

—A friendly reminder about precipitation types. Sleet is ice pellets. Freezing rain is regular rain as it falls, until it hits a cold surface and freezes on contact. Snow is flakes. We’ll likely to see all three in the state on Sunday.

—The big change to Monday’s map is the removal of a 1-2″ contour, now blanketing the area southeast of the Route 1 corridor with a 0-2″ snow forecast. That’s an uncomfortably wide range. But it’s deliberate — I believe this area is going to be “boom or bust”. Monday daytime looks pretty quiet for the southern half of the state. But Monday night, I believe there will be a chance for some quick, light snow accumulations. It’s not guaranteed, but probable.

—I have added the mention of Tuesday into the discussion, as snow may not fully taper off until early that morning. Especially in colder, snowier, icier North Jersey, there may be residual effects through Tuesday morning’s rush hour. School delays are possible.

—The overall bottom line has not changed. This is a North Jersey snow event. But no matter where you live, travel won’t be fun at all from Sunday morning through early Tuesday morning. That fact is especially important given the volume of post-holiday travelers.

Latest Timeline

—Sunday Morning… As of this writing (7 a.m.), our first bands of precipitation have arrived in New Jersey. For northern and western NJ, we start with an icy mix of sleet and freezing rain. Up to a quarter-inch of ice accumulation is possible, leading to very slippery conditions and potential power outages. Closer to the coast, it will be a cold and uncomfortable rain. By about 10-11 a.m., everyone in the state should see something falling from the sky.

—Sunday Afternoon… By about 1 p.m., most of the “ice zone” will transition to just plain rain. That rain will be heavy at times, keeping visibility and traction low. Areas generally along and north of Interstate 78 could remain cold enough to see a period of snow throughout the afternoon, with light accumulations possible. (Possibly up to 3 inches through the evening hours.)

—Sunday Night… On the backside of the main storm system, we encounter drier air and a relative lull in the precipitation. Scattered showers are still possible overnight. And with above-freezing temperatures, those would be rain showers.

—Monday Morning… Inland low transfers energy to powerful coastal low. As colder air drops down from the north, precipitation will once again surge into North Jersey starting around 8 a.m. This will be mainly snow to the north, with relatively quiet weather continuing for the southern half of the state.

—Monday Afternoon… More snow/rain bands. In the “snow zone” of North Jersey, road conditions will be pretty slushy and sloppy by this point.

—Monday Night… Falling temperatures overnight could allow all of New Jersey to taste some snow at the tail-end of this event. Yes, even south and coast. Light accumulations are possible.

—Tuesday Morning… Snowfall ends early morning, by around 4 a.m. So there won’t be precipitation falling during the AM rush hour. But there could be residual snow/ice impacts.


Winter Storm Warning=Pink. Winter Weather Advisory=Purple.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect until 1 a.m. Tuesday for Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties. A Winter Storm Warning also covers western Bergan and Passaic counties until 7 a.m. Tuesday. A warning means significant winter weather (generally 6+ inches of snow) will make travel conditions downright dangerous. This is the most likely area for school closings on Monday (and possibly Tuesday too).

A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted until 1 a.m. Tuesday for Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset counties. A Winter Weather Advisory has also been issued for eastern Bergen, Essex, and Union counties until 7 a.m. Tuesday. An advisory is less severe and urgent than a warning, but advises of slippery travel conditions (generally 3+ inches of snow and/or light icing). In this area, there will probably be a mix of school closures and early dismissals for Monday. Delayed openings are possible for Tuesday too.

There are no advisories for southern or coastal New Jersey at this time, as the forecast does not reach the technical requirements for an advisory, watch, or warning. That is subject to change as the storm continues to develop.

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

U18s Travel To Face League Leaders Manchester City – Blog

Derby County Under-18s face table-toppers Manchester City on Saturday as they look to earn a fourth successive Premier League – North victory.

The Young Rams travel to the Manchester City Academy Stadium in fantastic form, having triumphed in eight of their last ten matches in all competitions.

This run, which includes just a single defeat, has seen Justin Walker’s side find the net on 34 occasions as they continue to impress in a multitude of competitions.

One of these is the UEFA Youth League in which the Rams progressed to the play-off round on Wednesday night. They did this is in superb style as they overcame IK Akranes 4-1 courtesy of strikes from Jack Stretton and Archie Brown alongside a Jason Knight double to secure a 6-2 aggregate win.

In U18 Premier League – North, Derby currently sit fifth, six points behind first-placed Manchester City after registering three wins on-the-bounce, seeing off Blackburn Rovers and Sunderland before thrashing Wolves 5-0 earlier this month.


At present, City are situated at the summit of the league table, two points ahead of their closest challengers Liverpool.

Like Derby, they are in the midst of a purple patch having tasted victory in ten of their 12 matches this campaign. Impressively, they have failed to score three or more times in only one of these wins, putting a number of teams to the sword in recent weeks.

Their last meeting with the Under-18s ended in a 2-2 draw as Connor Dixon and Morgan Whittaker scored in stoppage time to salvage Derby a point at Moor Farm Training Centre.


Winger Archie Brown is on fire at the moment. The 17-year-old is the Rams’ top scorer this season having fired home 12 goals in 17 appearances for the Under-18s.

The speedy wideman has struck in each of his last three matches, including an equaliser in the dying seconds of last weekend’s 3-3 draw at Aston Villa.

Alongside fellow in-form attackers Bartosz Cybulski, Jack Stretton and Tyree Wilson, there is no doubt Brown will be a key cog in Walker’s wheel as his side bid to take all three points at the residence of the league leaders on Saturday.

Words by: Jack Hasler

Airport Officials Expect Heavy Thanksgiving Traffic

click to enlarge

  • Memphis International Airport

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is expecting more than 170,000 passengers during the Thanksgiving holiday travel season, a figure up 5 percent over last year.

The airport’s travel season began on Friday, November 22nd with nearly 9,990 passengers. Officials expect Thanksgiving travelers will continue to stream through MEM until Monday, December 2nd. With most aircraft expected to be close to 100 percent capacity, MEM is expecting this will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel period since 2007.

Expected peak days (passengers):
Friday, November 22 (9,900)
Wednesday, November 27 (9,400)
Sunday, December 1 (11,300)

Other busy days will include:
Saturday, November 30 (8,500)
Monday, December 2 (8,900)

Airport officials said the early morning hours between 4 a.m. And 7 a.m. will have the heaviest traffic but the airport will be busy all day. Airlines, airport vendors, and Transportation Security Adminstration will adjust their staffing and schedules to accommodate the increased traffic.

click to enlarge

  • Memphis International Airport

Travel insurance company InsureMyTrip ranked the 75 biggest airports in America from least stressful (#1: Honolulu’s Daniel K Inouye International) to the most stressful (#75 Chicago Midway International). MEM ranked 53rd overall between Kansas City International and San Francisco International.

AAA predicts air travel will increase 4.6 percent over last year with with 4.45 million Americans expected to fly. About 40,000 Tennesseans are expect to fly this Thanksgiving, according to AAA, an increase of 3.8 percent over last year.

AAA’s flight booking data from the last three years shows that flying the Monday before the Thanksgiving travel rush has the lowest average ticket price ($486) prior to the holiday and is a lighter travel day than later in the week. Travelers can also save by traveling on Thanksgiving Day, which has the week’s lowest average price per ticket ($454).

Here are some tips from MEM for Thanksgiving passengers:

Arrive early

MEM is recommending that travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours before their departure time to ensure that they have plenty of time to park, check luggage and go through the security checkpoint.

Passengers should check frequently with their airlines to monitor schedule changes. Airlines handle all aspects of ticketing, baggage and scheduling.

Know what you can cannot bring through security

In order to expedite security screening time, passengers should double-check carry-on bags and review the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA’s) list of prohibited items.

click to enlarge
A TSA display of some of the items seized by airport security (2017). - MEMPHIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

  • Memphis International Airport
  • A TSA display of some of the items seized by airport security (2017).

MEM’s economy, long-term and short-term parking areas may periodically reach capacity during the week.

Additional signage will be added, and additional parking staff will help direct drivers to available parking spots.

MEM is prepared to activate two overflow parking areas should the existing garages reach capacity. See the attached map for the locations of the yellow and blue overflow lots.

For convenience, passengers parking in the overflow lots are encouraged to drop off other passengers and luggage at the curb before parking.

Drivers who are waiting to pick up arriving passengers can save time by utilizing one of the more than 200 spaces in the airport’s cell phone lot, which is equipped with a flight information board and free Wi-Fi.

Tips and Best Practices to Keep Readers Engaged

NEW YORK, Nov. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Though it’s an endeavor that many writers are passionate about, blog writing poses numerous challenges. These include, but aren’t limited to, developing a central focus for the blog and maintaining inspiration to write. Arguably the greatest challenge is keeping readers engaged. Here are a few tips and best practices from Carola Jain, Spartan CMO that will not only help a blog writer develop strong content but better engage their audience, one post at a time.

To start, understand that while blog writing should have a focus – food, technology, travel, just to name a few examples – different types of content should be experimented with. If a food blogger typically discusses and ranks local restaurants they’ve recently dined at, perhaps they’d be inclined to vary their content with recipes or tips on increasing the flavor of meals. Blog readers have certain expectations when it comes to the content they consume, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of variety.

The right headlines go a long way in engaging readers at the onset. There are a few rules to follow when crafting catchy headlines, however. First, avoid clickbait; keep them as accurate as possible to the content that awaits the reader. Second, keep them short; headlines shouldn’t be any longer than 10 words, as they should get to the point with as few characters as possible. By following these rules, blog posts will engage readers before they get to the substantive matter.

Another tip to note is the accuracy of the information provided when blog writing. Instead of relying solely on general terms like “many” or “few,” include statistics wherever appropriate. Percentages, fractions, and other stats help to expand upon the content being provided. They offer further insight to readers, which will keep them hooked. When this information is included, it increases the value of every blog post to readers.

Perhaps the most important practice that a blog writer can carry out is being passionate about what they write. Simply put, if one doesn’t feel strongly about the content they produce, it will become evident to readers. Ergo, they’re more likely to click away than stick around. Carola Jain, Spartan CMO, will attest to the importance of writing content that one has an interest in. This helps blog writers produce better content that will keep readers engaged in the long term.

These are just a few practices to follow when developing blog posts that keep readers engaged. By staying motivated, crafting content that both you and your readers will enjoy, engagement levels will benefit.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service web design agency that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.

SOURCE fishbat

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Bright & Mild Today… Travel Woes Out West – Boston News, Weather, Sports

Well, yesterday was certainly a step in the right direction with sunshine back in place and temperatures much closer to seasonable levels. Today, we’ll step it up another notch, with highs approaching 60 degrees! That, combined with the fact that we’re dry up and down New England, and through much of the east coast, will mean it’s a great travel day overall weather-wise up and down I-95.


Tomorrow, out fortune starts to change by midday as we track scattered showers in here. While no snow or ice falls, the wet weather will be enough to slow us down on the roads as puddles and road spray occasionally becomes an issue tomorrow midday through tomorrow night.




By Thanksgiving morning, an early sprinkle/flurry should taper off, yielding to a mix of sun and clouds and a gusty wind. With wind gusts to 40mph, it’ll be a hold on to your hat type day while your out at those high school football games.


Friday and Saturday look dry but chilly with stronger breezes on Friday.

By Sunday afternoon, into Monday, the next storm works in with a mix of coastal rain and inland snow. Pending the track of the low, any rain may change to snow by Monday across much of the area as cold air continues to work into this system. Winds likely pick up too. Way too early for any snow amounts, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on toward the end of the weekend.